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2014                        Film: Lanterns Through the Dark, in partnership with Joe Hopkins (ResearchNet, Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust). Film for Occupational Therapy Away Day, telling stories of  Oxleas Occupational Therapy Services and Service User experiences (running time 30 minutes).


2010               Partnership with John Browne, Composer-in-Residence continued; songs were incorporated into a larger concert at Southbank Centre, London.


2010              Partnered with John Browne, Composer in residence at King’s College London, in his project ‘Songs of Affliction.’ Clients and Lead of Carers, and invited partnership with Community Options service users to help people write their stories of care and set them to music. The resulting ‘songs’ were sang to the public as solos, accompanied by the King’s College Symphony Orchestra in King’s College Chapel.


2010.             Commissioned to write the 20th Birthday Story: Community Options Family Album. Interviewed groups of clients, carers, board members and staff, plus individual interviews of staff and questionnaires. Created a narrative from the stories for the Family Album. Commissioned to read the story in public at the 20th Birthday Party November 5th 2010.


2010               Commissioned to facilitate another Writing  Session for Carers at the Oxleas Carer’s Conference 2010. Resulting work has been be placed on the Oxleas Intranet. Carers are asking for more opportunities to meet for more writing sessions.


2010               Storyweaving: Paintings in Hospitals project – three groups of: service users, carers, and staff. Each group met and considered one of the Paintings in Hospitals pictures, currently on loan in the Woodlands Unit. Each group wrote about the picture (which incorporates 8 different photo/prints) and then chose 8 other prints to form 3 new art works that are framed identically to the original and displayed as a permanent work in the reception entrance to the wards.


2010               The progress of the Storyweaving project - showcased at the Oxleas Health Festival at Charlton Football Club.


2010               Commissioned by King’s College to introduce play/perform Chasing my tale at the Wellcome Trust, London - September 2010 – service users involved in the collaboration attended performance.


2010               Commission by King’s College for lecture on Using Writing in Healthcare with a

                        performance, then an interactive workshop for students.


2010               Commissioned consultancy to FlamingoFeather Theatre Company to

                        revise the play ‘Black Dog’ regarding depression and social isolation. Clinical

                        expertise and collaboration with service users and actress/writer resulted in:

                        ‘Chasing my tale’.


2009               Selected to take part in 2009 AHP Leadership Challenge, London.


2008              Stress management session using writing, with staff team: Greenwich Social

                        Services. Feedback from the session indicated high benefit to stressed staff and

                        interest in further sessions or whole day events.


2008               'Roy's Story' - Collaborative work with clients: story, photos, and coping strategy. Anxiety management tool for use as Resource for anxious clients - used in Annual General Meeting and uploaded to The Trust Intranet for interprofessional use.



 2005              Commissioned and funded to write and produce a film for the Occupational

Therapy strategy Launch for Mental Health Day. Resulting film: APOLLO

(Activity Participation Occupation – Looking at Life’s Opportunities)

focusing on three clients’ personal experiences of recovery attending the occupational therapy programme.



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