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I don't know who I am anymore... I feel stuck and I need to move on... but I don't know how...              

Using Writing as Therapy (UWaT™): finding identity.


What is the course about?

This course is all about capturing and exploring your thoughts, so forget grammar, spelling and handwriting –  your pen will not be able to keep up! You will need to write as fast as you can to capture your thoughts. The course follows a strict programme so that you will always know what you are being expected to write about.


What is the course for?

The course was developed by clients who had experienced a loss of identity (through illness, trauma, diagnosis, life situations etc.) working together with Dr. Pauline Cooper to explore and gain a fresh understanding of who they are and how to regain a sense of 'Self', using writing.


The exercises in the course were ones that clients had stated helped them get life back on track and give them hope for the future. These were then put together to form a whole picture review of life and help to reflect, reorganise, and plan for the future.


It is not easy to review your life, or to challenge yourself to gain insight – but it is worth it! It may stir up memories and monsters but they can be dealt with and put in their place!


Please note: This is NOT a creative writing course: the

writing work is personal and confidential.


What happens in the session?


The group is intensive and focused and explores identity and self esteem.


Each of the six sessions begins with writing the date, and then grading your mood from 0 – 10 (0= you feel awful 10= you feel great!)


At the end of each session you grade your mood again so that we can look at how the session has gone for you.


In addition, the session will end with you writing a closing statement about what you have learned about yourself in that session. There are 6 sessions all together so, at the last session you will have 6 statements that will be

revisited to help you make a final enduring statement.

This will be the key to empowering your future.


What is each session about?


Session 1  Names  exploring the first part of your identity – your name and other significant names.


Session 2  Stepping Stones  an overview of your life story and the effect it has had on your identity and self esteem.


Session 3  Habits and Assumptions  checking out the things you do and assume without thinking!


Session 4 - Difficult times  Understanding how you act and behave to cope with difficult situations.


Session 5  Flow chart of options  looking at where you are now and the options you have for moving forward.


Session 6 - Celebration of Life  putting it all together and looking to the future.



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Dr. Cooper is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

UWaT and the Thought Laundry are not just about therapy - it's for anyone!

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