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 What is UWaT™? 

Please Note: UWaT has been used in healthcare for over 20 years. You will not find this course anywhere else as it is the design of Dr. Pauline Cooper. Other Health Care Professionals in the NHS and other organisations, have been trained to deliver the course to clients. 


UWaT is the acronym for Using Writing as Therapy, Using Writing as a Tool,  and Using Writing and Talking.


UWaT is a six session, one-and-a-half to two hour course exploring identity and self-esteem.


This can be done over 6 weeks or less if you prefer (it is recommended that there is at least one day between sessions).


It can be on an individual basis or working with up to three others (max. group = 4 people). Working as a group has many benefits, such as sharing of ideas, recognising that you are 'not alone' in how you are thinking, and can provide a sense of belonging and affirmation.


NB: Under certain circumstances, UWaT: finding a working me and UWaT: forgotten stories; hidden depths can accommodate larger groups if appropriate facilitators are available to co-facilitate Dr. Cooper.


At present there are 3 UWaT courses: 


Using Writing as Therapy (UWaT): finding identity


 Using Writing as a Tool* (UWaT): finding a working Me

(previously called Using Writing as Therapy (UWaT): finding a working Me)


Using Writing and Talking (UWaT™); forgotten stories; hidden depths


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Dr. Cooper is an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

UWaT and the Thought Laundry are not just about therapy - it's for anyone!

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